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AVITAMINOSIS - complete depletion of the body's vitamin resources. Avitaminosis and hypovitaminosis can occur in the absence or lack of vitamin in food, increased efficiency, violation of the microflora of the stomach, pregnancy. Also, vitamin deficiencies can appear against the background of prolonged fasting.
Symptoms: dry skin, furunculosis, rhinitis, bronchitis, conjunctivitis, loss of appetite, irritability, blindness, memory loss, general weakness, sleep disturbance.
Recommendations for nutrition and treatment: A-hypovitaminosis is reduced to a balanced rational diet, which should contain animal products rich in vitamin A, and plant products rich in b-carotene.
The main sources of retinol (in mg per 100 g of edible portion of the product) are:
cod liver - 4.4
beef liver - 3.83
pork liver - 3.45
chum salmon caviar - 0.45
chicken eggs - 0.35
butter - 0.5
cream and sour cream - 0.25
cheese - 0.2
red carrots - 9.0
spinach - 4.5
sweet red pepper - 2.0
green onion - 2.0
salad -1.75
parsley (greens) - 1.7
sea ​​buckthorn - 1.5
chokeberry - 1.2
tomato - 1.2
dill -1.0
In addition to eating the above products for the treatment of vitamin deficiency, we recommend Collection "Avitaminosis", which includes: Medical and dietary complex Apimix "Sport" + bee bread 5-7 granules.

Take 1 time a day 30 minutes before meals, dissolving in the mouth. Do not drink with water. The course of treatment is 1 month.

You can order all the above bee products on our website, and Phytoproducts - order in writing indicating the disease and your wishes in the form of feedback, or by e-mail

Remember: unsystematic self-medication can harm your health!