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Powder for washing children’s dishes, vegetables and fruits Propolis Plus Baby, 500 ml

Price: 90 UAH

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The first detergent (powder) that can be washed away!
The uniqueness of «Propolis Plus Baby» consists in that the agent does not have surfactants and artificial preservatives, as it consists exclusively of food components.

• washes well, cleans, disinfects well
• a bit of powder for a large quantity of dishes - it is economical to spend (average 2 UAH/day for washing and disinfecting dishes for children and adults)
• safe for children and adults 
• universal in use - toys, bathroom, kitchen, other items 
• thoroughly washes and disinfects even in cold water
• does not have surfactants or artificial preservatives
• the best solution for users of septic tanks and biological wastewater treatment plant (Local Treatment Facilities) - does not kill useful bacteria in purification systems      
• fully ecological, contains only biodegradable components 
• easily washed away 
• economical in the use and consumption of water 
• flushes dirt and «chemistry» with vegetables and fruit
• does not irritate or dry the skin of the hands

Due to natural components, «Propolis Plus Baby» can be used not only for washing and disinfecting children’s dishes, but also for purifying fruits and vegetables from different contamination. Also, due to sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and biologically active components of propolis, the formation of pathogenic bacteria on dishes is excluded.

Product for dish washing and disinfection «Propolis Plus Baby» is completely biodegradable and safe for the environment.

There are no analogues!

Ingredients: baking soda, mustard powder, field equisetum, biologically active components of propolis.

Useful properties of the constituents:
Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is a natural antiseptic that prevents the spread of infections. Effective cleaner and  softener.
Mustard powder is traditionally used to wash and disinfect dishes. It is well-soluble and has antibacterial properties.
The field equisetum is an excellent abrasive which, due to its natural rigidity, can be used to remove the sludge and resistant contaminants.
Propolysis - possesses antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, wound-healing, anti-inflammatory, deodorizing, analgesic, general reinforcement, immunosuperative and restorative properties.

Mode of administration:
-small amount of powder applied to the wetted surface, sponge-rubbing, wash away with water. DISHES FOR NEWBORNS NEED SHOULD BE STERILIZED!
- washing of vegetables and fruits: add 1 table spoon «Propolis Plus Baby» per litre of water, soak fruits and vegetables for up to 30 minutes, wash vegetables and fruits under running water, if necessary apply a sponge or brush.

Attention! If it hits the eyes, it is necessary to wash it with a large amount of clean water. 

Storage conditions: Keep closed in a dry place.

Expiration date: 2 years from the date of manufacture, guaranteed by the manufacturer, provided that storage is adequate.

Manufactured  by order of LLC «PCHELOPRODUCT» according to TM PROPOLIS PLUS technology.

Volume: 500 ml. ± 5%.